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Be Creative. It sounds cliche, and in a way it is, but when you are talking about guerrilla marketing, creativity is what sets a guerrilla marketing idea apart from an annoying interruption. The mediums to get your message across are endless: posters, sidewalk chalk, stickers, improve teams, prints, cutouts…. but it’s the creativity, the big idea, the unique connection to everyday life that makes guerrilla marketing work.

Here are a few tips on how to get your creative motor running:

  • Get out of your office – Go where your consumers are. What do they do during the day. Look for ways to reach them in a creative an unexpected way.
  • Be inspired – Take a look at some of the creative ideas from your competitors and other brands across different verticals. They can help spark new ideas and get your mind thinking creatively.
  • Don’t be afraid to do something different – New and different can be scary and it comes with some risks because the outcomes are unknown. Don’t let this detour you. Be smart about it, but ultimately you will need to take some level of risk in order to cut through the clutter and not become just another ad.

Now for your inspiration:

Clean graffiti ads from Link Communications use stencils and high powered water jets to remove grim from urban surroundings and leave marketing messages behind.


Drunk Driving Street Ad


Starving Child Shopping Basket Marketing Ad


Air Guitar Radio Station Street Marketing

Air guitar stands were placed around Glasgow City Centre in Glasgow, Scotland to promote the rock radio station 96.3 FM.


Karate School Ad

Martial Arts School Ad


Target Window Hotel Marketing
Target rented the street-facing rooms of Manhattan’s Standard Hotel during Fashion Week and put on a lightshow in the shape of the Target logo.