As a logistics company, it’s your responsibility to transport goods from one point to another, and give your clients the peace of mind that you can manage the transportation efficiently and effectively. Tracking and technology is imperative within a successful logistics company, but also so is good marketing, as it is with any business. Building your brand and developing a trusting client database is a must for any logistics company.

Here are important ways you can better market your logistics company.

Be Clear on the Services Your Company Provides

With logistics, it’s important that your client knows what they are able and not able to do if they choose to use your company for transportation purposes. There should be no misunderstanding in what you provide, and at what cost. A clear message about your service helps to rule out miscommunication, missed or late deliveries and negative feedback. Decide things such as, whether you offer deliveries overseas or only land-based within the country; whether your clients can use an online booking system, or whether they have to speak to a representative over the phone; and what kind of goods you are happy to transport.

By knowing exactly what it is that you are marketing, you can then develop an adequate marketing strategy.

Gain Further Education

Clients will really respond to new businesses when they have a wealth of knowledge, education and experience. If you’re looking to develop your logistics company further and wish to learn more about valid leadership and driving your business to success, you could consider an online supply chain Masters qualification. This will teach you valuable skills about better management and leadership within the logistics industry, and you can use it as a marketing tool to, not only promote your business, but to promote yourself too. Up against other logistics company who don’t have valid qualifications, it could really give you the advantage.

Identify Your Market

Certain logistics companies are suited for certain clients and particular deliveries, and it’s important to know the market you are aiming for. Are you specializing in small, electrical goods delivered to private residential consumers, for example? Or are you hoping to operate large pallet deliveries for manufacturing businesses? Whatever you’re in business for, ensure that all your marketing is tailored to the correct audience.

Create a Marketing Budget

You need to be aware how much your business can happily, and willingly, spend on marketing your company. This is why identifying your target market is crucial; to ensure that no money is wasted on advertising to the wrong crowd. Marketing budgets should include advertising, promotions and business trips to events such as trade shows and networking events so as to better get the word out about your business. Merchandise is also a good idea within a logistics company, as this can be dropped off with any delivery, such as branded desk calendars, pens or mouse mats. Clients love receiving free items if they regularly use a logistics company, especially if it can sit on their desk.