When looking to promote our business, there are thousands of way of doing it. However, most of them are ineffective because they are not compelling enough for customers to build trust with your brand. Only some of those techniques catch people’s attention because of how professional they look.

In a world trending on the digital realms, it is hard for people to believe that printing is a vital part of every business. The biggest corporations already know about the effects it creates in people they work with such as increasing the value perceived.

If we do not use any of this printing based technique, we will be losing the opportunity to use impressive business scaling strategies.


At this moment, millions of people are giving all their attention to building a following on social media, creating info products, building communities, working on the Internet. The problem is everyone is doing the same thing, making most of the activities ineffective for most companies.

One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is doing something simple, professional, and different at the same time. Lots of big companies have established themselves as an authority by using printed advertising.

As a result, the more physical your company is and expresses itself, the easier it looks to build respect, security, and trust with future customers.

Defining how your business presents to the public could be a game changer. Because of this, it is not surprising that more and more business owners are starting to focus on this topic by relying on experts like Allegra Marketing to get high-quality printed designs.


We want to invite you to imagine a situation that will make you easily recognize the importance of printing. It has a lot do to with positioning as an author.

Imagine you are prospecting and a big client is interested in learning more about your business. Good, we can leave him a business card to get in touch with us. He may contact us, he may not.

But what if we give him something of more value? Let’s say you wrote a book and you share the secrets of the industry and how the culture of your company strives to succeed. Imagine you replace the business card with a great book as a gift. How would they feel?

Chances are you would be perceived and positioned as a very important authority and that makes people respect and be willing to take whatever you want to offer them.

This is the power of good printing work. When you can impact people’s lives and solve their problems, they will remember you every time they look at the book. And you will become the only expert they want to work with. Isn’t that an amazing privilege?

And the best part is that almost no one is doing it. This is your opportunity to outwork competition, even if you are a small business and have just started your journey.


You can position yourself every time you are involved in any of these examples:

  • Writing invoices
  • Notices of meetings
  • Tendering legal announcements and inter-departmental statements
  • Providing business-related information for other parties

These are great practices to differentiate when dealing with other companies and clients. What about acquiring leads? Here is another list of creative ways to apply printed marketing:

  • Letterheads and Envelopes: These are great ways to increase brand awareness. They are opportunities to make your customers know about career and personality
  • Creating Effective Business Cards: It is not easy creating one that catches people’s attention. However, using some tricks like including a picture of yourself may have people showing more interest. It is said that people pay more attention when they see someone’s face.
  • Hiring Design Professionals: People purchase because of perceived value, regardless of what logic tells them to do. A great presentation can change a customer’s outlook and emotions so he moves forward.

Everybody knows the importance of giving a great first impression. Otherwise, your first impression could become your last impression. Luckily, printed marketing makes our chance to succeed higher, especially when having lots of high-quality printing services out there.