The Post2Post bus has just pulled in!

The Fresh Peel is pleased to welcome Daniel Burrus, technology forecaster, business strategist, and author.

In his latest book, Flash Foresight, Dan outlines the blueprint he has been using for years to help his clients predict trends and build solid strategies to take advantage of the changes on the horizon. Given the changes in how the work I do has evolved, this book has become a timely resource that has helped shape the way I approach planning and strategy.

In this interview with Dan, we touch on some of the core themes and principles from the book and what they mean for brands that are struggling to reinvent themselves in this ever-changing, fast-paced world we live in.

In contrast to the typical written interviews that I’ve produced for Post2Post tours in the past, I tried something a little different this time around and recorded an audio interview with Dan. Be sure and let me know in the comments which you prefer.


Download the interview with Dan Burrus

Find out more about the book and Dan at the Flash Foresight website. Also, when you buy your book, Daniel is offering $20,000 in Bonus Resources. Go to the site and click on the Bonus Resource Login button to get access to these resources.

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