Your Brand Day, a now vintage meme that was started by Dear Jane Sample. It made the rounds last year, but has had a recent resurgence when two very popular technology and internet culture blogs Boing Boing and Kottke are jumped on the bandwagon.

Alan Wolk over at The Toad Stool, pointed to this meme resurrection, as he was one of the first to participate last year. Since I didn’t participate, I wanted to give it a go this time around.

Here’s my brand timeline.


Chris Wilson - A Day of Brand


Isn’t it fascinating how many things you can learn about a person just by knowing what brands they use. You can probably look at my timeline and make some accurate guesstimations as to what my typical day looks like.

Now it’s your turn.

Create your own
brand timeline and share it in the comments. The William Burk Agency has created a web application to make the process a lot easier. Click the start button below to get going.

Start Your Brand Timeline


(A side note: It’s interesting to see how some things on the internet come and go in waves, a lot like fashion trends that come back around every few generations.)