In the past, I’ve shared my prediction for the future of how our lives will continue to be submerged in digital and we will become more and more connected. I called it “a connected way of life.” Former Forrester researcher, Charlene Li, in a similar line of thought says, “social networks will be like air.”

But, there is one problem with both of these predictions.

They provide no clear advice on what brands should be doing now. Sure most people can accept that digital, social media, and technology, as well as other parts of our lives, are going to mesh and blur together in the future. And most agree that brands are going to have to adjust and find ways to create new touchpoints in these spaces in order to survive this future.

But the ultimate question is how?

I hope to provide some answers this question in the coming weeks, but for now take a look at some ideas Mike Arauz has on where brands fit into our digital lives. (View the Desire Paths slideshow)

(Via: CrapHammer)