Pow! Profiting From the Power of Surprise Andy Nulman


There’s no doubt that surprise can be a powerful element in reaching and retaining customers, and even better yet, one of the more memorable ways to do so. But more often than not it’s the HOW that trips us up. Having employees dress up like a gorillas while wearing a sandwich board with the company logo on it just isn’t doing it.

Not to worry though because the master of surprise, Andy Nulman, is here to save the day with his book Pow! Right Between the Eyes, (and he’s got an offer you can’t refuse). Andy is giving away 200 copies of his book to any blogger that asks for one. Here’s what you can do to get your copy:

  1. Request the book in a post on your blog any way you see fit.
  2. Link that post to Pow! at www.andynulman.com.
  3. Please include your mailing address in your post so I know where to send the book.

If Andy’s words from the front flap of the book are any indication of what’s to expect from POW!, then I can’t wait to receive my copy.

Rest assured that this commitment will not go unrewarded. You’re about to learn how to change your business and delight your customers. By following this book’s Tao of POW!, you’ll discover how to apply the “Lubricant to Yes” to deliver “Euphoric Shock,” and how to generate lopsidedly influential POW! moments. You’ll realize why “Everyone’s a Kid in Disneyland,” learn how to “Time-Bomb,” see through “Virgin Contact Lenses,” understand the reason why there doesn’t always need to be a reason . . . and then get to use these tactics to grab attention and earn a special place in the hearts—and wallets—of your customers.

(Andy, Please send my copy to: 500 N. Walker, Suite H, Oklahoma City, OK, 73102)