Indian Man, I will tell your name, word of mouth

On Sunday I heard a story that presented the clearest, purest picture of what word of mouth looks like. With the help of Google, I was able to track down a similar version of the story to share with you:

The missionary introduced himself and said, “I was a medical missionary for many years in India. And I served in a region where there was progressive blindness. People were born with healthy vision, but there was something in that area that caused people to lose their sight as they matured.”

But this missionary had developed a process which would arrest progressive blindness. So people came to him and he performed his operation, and they would leave realizing that they would have become blind, but now they were going to be able to see for the rest of their lives.

He said that they never said, “Thank you,” because that phrase was not in their dialect. Instead, they spoke a word that meant, “I will tell your name.” Wherever they went, they would tell the name of the missionary who had cured their blindness.

Excerpt taken from First Congregational Church.

(Photo credit: Elishams)