The Coolest & Gaps Branding Survey

Here’s your chance to take part in a worldwide branding survey.

My friend and collegue Cristián Saracco, CEO of Allegro 234 brand consultancy in Madrid, has invited all the Fresh Peelers to take part in the Coolest & Gaps Branding Survey.

First let me say up front that it’s a short survey that should only take you about 3-minutes to complete. The survey lets you choose a brand experience and compare the gap between your company and the one selected. Here’s what Cristián had to say about the initiative,

It’s good to understand how to build a brand experience that is worth living, its usefulness, its value, its functionality … the emotions it arouses. General Electric is one of the brands with higher value on a global basis, however, there are brands such as Agent Provocateur, Virgin or Patagonia whose value is significantly lower, however, generate a far more relevant experience to their target audiences… and this, in some point may be more important to know and useful to take decisions about our brands.


The survey will be open until 11/14/08 so you have until Friday to participate. Click the button below to get started.

Take the Coolest & Gaps Branding Survey