The Evolution of Nokia Logo

One of my biggest irritants is when the concept of brand is misunderstood as being merely a logo or symbol that represents a company. As I’ve written before, many see a brand as a box, a container where the inside contents (strategy, training, internal engagement, etc.) mean relatively little to the wrapper on the outside (logo, design, advertising, etc.).

This is a seriously flawed view that may have been somewhat successful in years past, when the landscape looked much different:

  • Mass Media Ruled
  • We had Less Choices
  • Limited Circles of Conversation
  • Little Transparency

Needless to say, things have changed:

  • Mass Media is Fragmenting
  • We have Unlimited Choices
  • Conversations Spread More Easily
  • Transparency is Required

Now what used to be accomplished with smoke and mirrors can only be achieved through a brand that is truly authentic letting the inside of the box grow outward, painting the picture visible on the outside of the box.

The Best Ad Blog has complied a noteworthy collection of logos and how they have evolved over time. I look at this visual progression exhibited on the outside and imagine how much these companies have changed over the years on the inside, and in some cases, how much they haven’t changed which has ultimately contributed to the demise they are currently facing.

(Best Ad Logo Collection Via: Orange Element Insights)