Brand Colors

“Statistics show that more consumers notice red colored products and packaging more than any other color. But they purchase more blue colored products or products in blue packaging. ” At least, that was a statement that what one of my college marketing professors tossed into a lecture on packaging, a few years ago.

Since then, I haven’t been able to find this statistic in those exact words, but I still don’t doubt the accuracy of the statement. Colors (when used right) can play a tremendous role in drawing the eye, evoking emotion, and even action. 

Color may be able to aid in boosting onetime sales and marketing efforts. But when your focus is widened to encapsulate building a brand and not just making a single sale, how does color fit into the equation?

The Brandcurve’s Susan Gunelius is tackling this question and more with her spot on Color Theory Primer series. It’s definitely worth your time, and I would consider this to be a great step in ending the brand tug of war.