It looks like I may have to revise my previous plan to limit the Human Talk series to one post a week.

Just in the last day and a half, I’ve seen an overwhelming number of examples of companies speaking like normal human beings, and just as many that flat out don’t get it.

Here are a two notable Human Talk examples that I noticed around the blogosphere:

Jackie Huba tells all about her love affair with Whole Foods, but it was this photo that really got my gears turning.

Whole Foods, Company Values (Credit Jackie Huba)

What would be viewed as a negative anywhere else, becomes something to brag about when it is backed with strong company values and commitment.


Seth points to “flowers with a sense of humor.”

Banana Florist (Thanks Seth Godin)

Being serious about commitments to customers doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.


This post is part of the Human Talk series.

If you would like to contribute your good or bad Human Talk examples, Email me. I’ll accept photos, stories, videos, audio, etc. and give credit where credit is due.