Crossword Puzzle

Are you boring customers? Are you having trouble generating the interest that you used to? Has the Forrest Gump-like crowd that used to follow you around long decided to return home?

Part of it could be that you are filling in too many of the blanks.

There is often a tendency to feel as if we have to spell everything out about our products or brands. After all we wouldn’t want consumers to get any of the facts wrong. Somehow we feel that for each consumer there is that one benefit or selling point that will tip the scales in our favor. This mindset leads to one thing….boredom.

Here’s a tip: Let the consumer solve the puzzle.

There is definitely something to be said about keeping it simple. In fact, keeping it simple is the best way to create a puzzle for consumers. By not writing that lengthy block of text describing your product you will be leaving room for consumers to explore your product or brand and keep interest alive.

It’s not what you say. It’s what you don’t say that creates the puzzle.

People love puzzles.  That’s why you still find crosswords and seek and finds in newpapers and magazines. They are some of the most popular sections.

It just feels good to solve a puzzle. According to Richard Maxwell and Robert Dickman in their book The Elements of Persuasion, solving puzzles gives your brain a shot of endorphins. Maxell and Dickman say,

“A side effect of endorphins is that they make you a little talkative, so you want to tell your friends what you just did.”

If you want to create buzz about your brand, product or promotion, turn it into a puzzle. Consumers will go out of their normal boundaries to figure out solution, and once they figure it out you can be sure that they will tell their friends about it. Who doesn’t like to look smart? Especially all of us ego driven bloggers.