Invisible Hyundai Car

No I’m not talking about Harry Beckwith’s classic on how to sell and market services that deal with no actual products. I’m referring to Hyundai’s new ad campaign, Think About It, which doesn’t show consumers any of their vehicles until you go to the website, and even then you have to dig through all their videos to catch a few glimpses of selected models.

You can view the spots on the HyundaiUSA’s Youtube Channel. (The Youtube user name of the user and the fact that they joined just a few days ago to post all these spots makes me wonder if Hyundai is trying to do hoping something viral will happen with these videos. But that’s only speculation at this point.)

So here’s the question:

Is it necessary to show a product in order to sell it?

I think in this case the answer is most definitely YES! Cars are one of the most emotional and sensual purchases that people make. Emotional logic leads consumers to choose a car that will be safe for their family, or fits them deep down inside and conjures up questions like “Does this look like a car I would drive?” or “What does this car say about me and who I am?”

How can we make that connection without seeing the car? And better yet, if we make that connection, what product or model do we pin it on?

I guess Hyundai is going to leave it up to the local Hyundai dealers to fill in the blanks for consumers. Boy, nothing will tug at the heart strings of human emotion and builds up the Hyundai brand like the words, “BUY BUY BUY, No Money Down!”