Twitter LogoI was first introduced to Twitter at the same time that the little Twitter bird was flying into the ears of those attending this years SxSW Conference. Since then, I’ve seen some glimpses of potential in Twitter that make me feel that although Twitter itself may just be a fad, some new ideas about how we interact and communicate with friends family and even customers have undeniably been brought to the table.

One of the most accurate responses I’ve heard on the Twitter platform comes from David Weinberger, who was called a “marketing guru” by the Wall Street Journal. (Thanks to John Moore, from Brand Autopsy, for bringing this to light.)

Weinberger is dead on when he notes the importance of the intimacy in the detail that Twitter provides. Having that kind of insight into the inner workings behind regular conversation and information is something that I believe will be valuable in the future.

One important point that I feel many have overlooked in regards to Twitter, is the fact that a majority of the Twitter audience is made up of innovators and early adopters, like Weinberger. These idea spreaders are twitting on their computers and cell phones, waiting to be informed about any and everything. In a lot of ways it is a marketer’s dream to find these edgy consumers all in one spot.

Contrastingly, Weinberger points out, that he is “not in the target demographic” for Twitter, but the fact that he, a 56 year old “marketing guru,” is using Twitter, says something about the true demographics of Twitter users.

Some other noteworthy users of Twitter include: U.S. presidential candidates John Edwards and Barack Obama, blogger Robert Scoble, Xbox blogger Larry Hryb, independent PR firm Edelman’s Steve Rubel, famous bloggers Jason Kottke, and Jason Calacanis, Veronica Belmont (as well as many others). If you are on Twitter, just take a look around. It is hardly just a group of high school kids chatting about whom they want to date.


Also worth noting, Interactive Marketer, Rohit Bhargava, has come up with some creative possibilities on how Twitter might be used in the marketing world in the future.