Author: Chris Wilson

Engaging your Brand’s Most Important Asset: Employees

Over the last year and a half, I’ve reached the point in my career where my success depends not only on my own strategies, planning, hard work and determination, but how well I can communicate those strategies and lead my team in executing those plans. That has gotten me thinking more about the importance of employees in the brand building process. A brand’s employees can be it’s greatest asset in building a strong brand. But employees can only provide true value to the brand when the have a clear understanding of what the brand stands for. What’s the brand’s...

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Let the Product Do the Talking: Keeping it Lean and Clean

The greatest temptations to excess come from enthusiasm and the desire to stand out from the crowd This is true in all of the visual arts from the scale of architecture on down. While deliberate excess may be considered a statement in and of itself, on a website designed for eCommerce, it can be a distraction or a turn-off for potential customers. When the Latest and Greatest Design Isn’t So Great for Your Traffic Stats. As a merchant, your storefront is the face of your business, and while a lot of ornamentation and flashing signs can garner passing attention, unless the passerby can find the front door you’re not getting that sale. Likewise, in eCommerce the desire for the ‘latest and greatest’ can overburden a site, frustrating visitors with slow loads, freezes, and even browser crashes; turning them from potential customers into drop-offs. This doesn’t mean you can have only a minimalist website with nothing but whitespace and Arial Black fonts. It’s possible to build a responsive, intuitive website with color, graphics, branding, and content without the bloat. For example, when selling technology items or even software, assume that prospective customers are coming in two formats. The first is technology-adept, thaveve done their homework, know what they’re looking for, and how they need it to work. The second is a technology user, has only a general idea of their...

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