Author: Chris Wilson

Guerrilla Marketing: the White Ghost

Guerrilla marketing is still something of a white ghost in the advertising industry. Sightings of effective guerrilla ads are talked about constantly, but you rarely see them for yourself. So, why is this? Well, I believe it’s because, in the grand scheme of things, there really aren’t many exciting forms of guerrilla marketing out there. This is why there is a lot of talk when a piece of truly brilliant guerrilla marketing enters the marketplace. Many marketers and consumers alike often perceive guerrilla marketing as sporadic and intrusive forms of advertising such as bluejacking, spamming, and littering handbills everywhere. These negative perceptions, along with poorly planned publicity stunts, such as the recent terrorist scare that surrounded Cartoon Networks outdoor marketing campaign in Boston, have led to marketers and companies being very hesitant to the ideas of new and untraditional forms of communication. One of the biggest problems that guerrilla marketing faces, is that marketers are under the impression that since it is an abstract form of communication, there doesn’t have to be a strategy behind it. This is where many guerrilla marketing campaigns go wrong. As marketers, we have to remember that the goals should be the same as traditional forms of advertising. Campaigns should be presented in a way that catches the consumers attention, and in successful cases creates buzz (which is a topic all it’s own). Guerrilla...

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Britney Spears Murdered Her Celebrity Brand

Last Friday, celebrity Britney Spears decided that she would kill her pop icon status, which took over a decade to create. Her brain waves were obviously malfunctioning when she shaved her head outside of a closed salon in Sherman Oaks, California. A celebrity’s visual image, or visual brand, should be one of their most valued assets. A superstar career is based on talent and ability but more than anything it is built on public image. And when I say image, I mean they must look the part. Take the TV show American Idol for example. Every once and a while you will see a contestant on the show that can belt out sweet lyrics like a pro, but because they don’t look the part they are turned away and even if they are advanced to the next round their success is short-lived. Britney’s carelessness with the scissors reminds me of similar situation that Keri Russel found herself in while staring on the hit TV series Felicity. On the show Keri was known for her long curly locks of hair, but in a personal need for change Russel decided to go for a much shorter look. It was obviously not as drastic of a change as Britney has made, but the decision left the viewers of a Felicity feeling as though they didn’t know her character any more. Some are...

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Simple as a Sunset

As everyone knows atmosphere plays a big role in the success of any restaurant. Atmosphere seals the fate of any dining experience. People don’t eat at expensive restaurants solely for the cuisine. They want an experience. They want something to talk to their co-workers about on Monday. Last weekend my wife and I went out with some friends to eat at Red Rock Canyon Grill, which is located on the banks of Lake Hefner. They serve a Southwest/American cuisine that is delicious, and are best known for their wood-fire roasted chicken. Red Rock knows their chicken melts in your mouth like butter and they use this knowledge to their advantage and have made it part of the overall experience. In a back corner of the restaurant the whole fire roasting process can be seen, as the chickens are roasted over a massive wood fire. Fire roasting chicken over an open flame isn’t anything new, but the way Red Rock does it, something sticks. My favorite part of our dinner at Red Rock, and what impressed me most, was something that is done every night at the same time. The back balcony of the restaurant faces west and each evening at sunset there is a celebration. As soon as the sun sets waiters clap and whistle, those dining raise their glasses and cheer. It’s something simple, it’s something free, and...

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